Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Photo Scanning Prices & Details

We offer 2 different types of scanning to fit your needs.

Use our Economy Photo Scanning Service for printed photos as a cost effective way to get your old photos onto a digital picture frame or website.  These pictures are scanned at a lower resolution so they are not ideal for preservation or printing.

Use our Archival Photo Scanning Service for printed photos when you want high quality preservation for future generations and to make photo books, digital scrapbooks, and reprints.

      *Each Archival Scan includes:
           1.  Cropping to the edge of the image to remove over-scan border
           2.  Rotating the image to the proper orientation
           3.  Image-by-Image correcting of exposure problems where possible
           4.  Image-by-Image correcting of color problems where possible

Economy:  $0.20/photo
  Archival:  $0.30/photo

*add $0.05/photo to have each photo labeled


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