Thursday, September 19, 2013

The perfect gift

Now that Labor Day is over it looks like it's time to start thinking about Christmas; or at least that is what the retail world tells us.  Even though I hate that we think about Christmas before we have even had Halloween or Thanksgiving, sometimes you do need that extra bit of time to come up with gifts for those friends and family that have everything.

I have a few of those people in my life and gift giving events can be so stressful but a few years ago I realized that photographs are something that they are always happy to receive.  Of course Grandma and Grandpa love your children's school photos but what about giving them a restored photo from when they were a kid or of a parent who has passed on?  Or maybe they have a lot of photographs of their childhood or ancestors but they are just sitting in a box, aging.  Digitizing and archiving those photos would be such a precious keepsake for them and you can then give copies to anyone else who might enjoy them.

So start looking through those old photos and you are sure to find that perfect photo.  And as soon as you do, you and I can start creating that perfect Christmas present.

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