Sunday, June 27, 2010

Photo #3


This is the Butterfield Family.  My Great Great Grandparents, Myrtie May & James Butterfield.  The girl in the middle is my Great Grandma Helen Butterfield.  I don't know the names of the other 3 children. This picture was taken around 1922.  Helen was born in 1912 & she looks about 10yrs old in this picture.

This photo was colored by the photographer.  I was able to remove the yellowing that was caused by age while leaving the painted color intact. I find it interesting that the photographer chose to paint the one sailor suit yellow while leaving he other suit white.  I assume they were both white since the other kids are dressed in white. 

*I've since learned that the other 3 children are: James Irwin Jr, Woodrow Wilson & Mary Indiann Butterfield

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