Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Photos of the Past

I spent this afternoon & evening scanning some very old photos onto my computer.  Actually, I'd estimate there are close to 200 photos & I still have another box that needs to be scanned.  Many of these photos are near 100 years old & some are even older.  I look at these photos, with their cracked & faded images & I feel a reverence to know that these were real people who lived long ago.  In some cases, I know their names & maybe one or two things about their life but I will never know who they really were.  Their personality, interests, the day-to-day things about them are lost.  These photos are the only things, still on this earth, to help us remember them.  I want to preserve these photos so that generations from now, people can look back & see that these people did really live.

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