Monday, June 28, 2010

Photo #4 - Help

Okay, so as I'm repairing these photos, I've run across a dilemma.  Do I leave the photos as sepia tone or do I change them to black & white.  I really can't decide.  To me, both have their pros & cons.  Please give me your advice on how I should leave the coloring.


This is a lightened Sepia Tone

Black & White


  1. You are amazing Alyssa!!! I love your restorations... I like the sepia most, both are very nice though.

  2. I run a photo scanning service and face the same dilemma. Normally I opt to scan in colour - clients like this, it preserves the hint of colour you get on old photos - but mainly because you can easily go from colour to monochrome, mono to colour not really feasible for our clients.

    Interesting post.

    Jeff Underwood